Ready to naturally take control of your body, heal hormonal and emotional chaos, and optimize your fertility health
Fertility Code LIVE
April 29-July 21, 2019
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In this exclusive online program, I walk with you through a 12-week hormone-healing journey that includes a comprehensive at-home hormone test, a personalized consult with me, and step-by-step specific guidelines to supercharge your fertility and chances of a successful pregnancy.

Plus, you will go through the Fertility Code with an intimate group of women that are on a similar journey as you! 

ONLY $647  
Of the women I work with who have fertility challenges, 
more than 90% become mothers after working with me.
Did You Know... 

You can balance your hormones naturally and improve your conception chances without dangerous drugs or expensive treatments.
Whether you have an undiagnosed mystery, a specific health condition preventing you from getting pregnant, or you haven’t tried conceiving yet but want to make sure your body is in the best condition possible...
One of the most important things you can do RIGHT NOW to increase fertility and finally get pregnant is this:
Live and eat in a way that creates the best environment for implantation and a healthy baby.
Listen to women just like you that I’ve worked with to help heal their hormones and become pregnant
In 3 months or less, your body is primed for pregnancy
Whether you try to get pregnant naturally or decide to conceive with IVF or IUI, you’ll have monumentally increased your chances of conception.

PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, and unexplained infertility are no longer non-negotiable barriers to pregnancy.
Fertility Code LIVE is founded on my 12-week protocol designed to prepare your body for conception and a healthy, full-term pregnancy.
You’ll know just what to do because you’ll have a
clear, concise, easy-to-implement plan to boost your natural fertility without confusion, medications, and stressful procedures that steal the happiness you should be experiencing with your partner during this time.
What to expect during The Fertility Code LIVE 
 Hormone testing to properly assess levels of critical fertility hormones. I recommend all women trying to get pregnant get their hormones tested.
 Private Community created just for women going through The Fertility Code program. You will get personal guidance from ME, get your burning questions answered each step of the way, and get mega support from other women in the same phase of life as you are.
 Bite-sized information so you’re just getting the core essentials of what to do right now, and the exact next steps to take each week.
 The Science so you understand the WHY.
 The Solution laid out in easy-to-implement steps so you can execute the HOW.
 The Soul Food mantras that will begin to shift thought patterns and behaviors.
 A downloadable audio recap of the Science, the Solution & the Soul Food for each module so you can listen wherever and whenever.
 Done-for-you resources like shopping lists, recipes, meal ideas, cycle tracking tools, a daily supplement menu, and more.
 A daily fertility checklist to keep track of everything you should be doing on a day to day basis.
After running this protocol with thousands of women, I know The Fertility Code is greatly enhanced by some crucial extras.
BONUS 1: Foods to Feed Your Man For Superman Sperm
Did you know that the health of the egg AND the sperm has a direct effect on your child’s lifelong health? Learn what foods to feed your partner for serious superman sperm. Get the lowdown on exactly what he should be eating (and not eating), what supplements to take, and extra special superfoods just for his little swimmers.
valued at $197
BONUS 2: Supercharge Your Sex Drive in 5 Easy Steps
Low libido and baby making don’t really go hand in hand ... Fertility issues can be a total libido buster, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You want to know how to really supercharge your sex drive? My top tips for boosting libido is guaranteed to get those juices flowing again ;)
valued at $197
BONUS 3: Swap Your Beauty Products Guide
My quick start guide to swapping out your harmful body care and cleaning products for safe ones for fertility & pregnancy. The ingredients in your beauty & cleaning products may be messing with your fertility without you even realizing it. The skin is our largest absorptive organ. What we put on our bodies affects us as much as what we put in our bodies.
valued at $197
BONUS 4: Fertility Friendly Meal Plan + Recipes
7-Day Fertility Friendly Meal Plan so you know exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. No excuses. 
valued at $397
Take control of your fertility today.
Join Fertility Code LIVE

Fertility Code LIVE

Value: $2785
  • Comprehensive Fertility Hormone Testing
    +30 minute Lab Review Consult

  • Private Community Support
  • The Science and The Solution
  • Mantras to change your thought patterns
  • Audio Track Recap
  • Done-for-you Resources
  • Fertility Daily Checklist
  • BONUS #1 Foods to Feed Your Man for Superman Sperm
  • BONUS #2 Supercharge Your Sex Drive in 5 Easy Steps
  • BONUS #3 Swap Your Beauty Products Guide
  • BONUS #4 Fertility Friendly Meal Plan + Recipes
That's nearly $1,000 just in bonuses … and because doubt shouldn’t stand in your way of having a baby, I’m going to make it 100% risk-free for you.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund.
That is how much I believe in The Fertility Code method.
I can say it all truly worked, because a week ago today (while finishing up week 12), I found out I'm PREGNANT!!!! 
"It still doesn't feel real that I'm pregnant, but I know it wouldn't have happened without the changes I learned from you. My experience with The Fertility Code was nothing short of amazing! Even though I work in the medical field and thought I knew a lot from my own research, there were so many things I learned about that I could implement in my fertility journey that I never knew before. 

The modules are laid out in a weekly basis so you are never overwhelmed with all the knowledge there is to learn each week. The changes are well defined with examples so it feels easy to get started. There are supporting documents with books, articles that Sarah wrote, and worksheets you can print and follow. The information is very comprehensive and even includes information for your partner to increase his quantity and quality. I can say it all truly worked, because a week ago today (while finishing up week 12), I found out I'm PREGNANT!!!!"

— Meredith M.
I was able to retrieve a chromosomally healthy egg and get pregnant at 42 years old!
"I first met Sarah after I had been through four unsuccessful rounds of IVF. I was feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. After taking a detailed and compassionate account of my journey, Sarah recommended a customized plan to optimize my fertility.

I followed her plan carefully and began to feel better quickly. My energy returned and my mood and sleep improved. With the next round of treatment, I was able to retrieve a chromosomally healthy egg and get pregnant at 42 years old! Sarah was so helpful in that process: the depth of her knowledge was impressive, and her genuine caring was a big source of support for me as I pursued treatment. I am very grateful for her help and would give the highest recommendation for anyone seeking to enhance their fertility or overall general health."

— Lisa B.
I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter now!!!
"I started working with Sarah after a couple of devastating pregnancy losses. She took time to get me on track with what I needed to be eating and focusing on, not only to improve my health, but to help me learn about foods that would ultimately support my fertility and growing baby.

She is detailed, she is patient, she is a wonderful resource and she has a beautiful energy to her that would make anyone happy to work with her. She can truly change your life."

— Ashley W.
Over the last twelve years, I’ve helped thousands of women conceive
and have healthy babies.
I’m Sarah Jane Sandy, functional nutritionist and women’s health expert. I’m passionate about helping women fix their hormonal chaos, get pregnant, stay pregnant, and finally experience motherhood.

When I was 16, I began having horribly painful periods every two weeks accompanied by the classic PMS nightmare.

When I was 19 my cycle stopped coming completely. For years, my cycle remained elusive, never staying around for long and disappearing for months or years at at time. I saw acupuncturists, conventional doctors and healers. I tried abdominal massage, reiki, and medications. Nothing seemed to create lasting change.

Eventually my stepfather, a medical doctor with a passion for holistic medicine, recommended I see a naturopathic doctor.

Within four weeks her nutritional-based treatment plan resulted in my first menstrual cycle in years! This experience fueled my fascination with food and its ability to heal.
I was blown away at the power of food.
I went on to complete a graduate program rooted in the conviction that food, as Nature intended, is a form of medicine that can heal, protect, nurture and support health.

Since then, I’ve continued to apply what I’ve learned personally, and have helped thousands of women and couples finally get pregnant and have the baby of their dreams.
The Fertility Code LIVE is for women under the age of 45 who want to conceive and are ready to join a community of women on the path to 

It’s perfect for you if:
  • You’ve been trying for months or years.
  • You’re trying to get pregnant naturally.
  • You’re already in the process of IVF or IUI.
  • You want to AVOID fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI.
  • You have hormone challenges like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or irregular cycles.
  • You want to do everything you can to improve your chances of conceiving when the time is right.
The Fertility Code is for women under the age of 45 who want to conceive and it’s perfect for you if:
  • You’ve been trying for months or years.
  • You’re trying to get pregnant naturally.
  • You’re already in the process of IVF or IUI.
  • You want to AVOID fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI.
  • You have hormone challenges like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or irregular cycles.
  • You want to do everything you can to improve your chances of conceiving when the time is right.
  • Week 1: You Are What You Eat
  • Week 2 : Superfoods for Fertility
  • Week 3: Hormones 101
  • Week 4: Your Gut Health Affects EVERYTHING
  • Week 5: Let’s Talk About Stress, and How to De-Stress Crusher
  • Week 6: Your Thyroid - A Fertility Dream
  • Week 7: Move Your Body
  • Week 8 : Clean Up Your Environment
  • Week 9: Mind-Body Therapies
  • Week 10: Rituals for Fertility
  • Week 11: Conscious Conception - Addressing the Emotional and Lifestyle Blocks
  • Week 12: Putting It All Together
WORTH $1985
  •  Bonus 1: A Private Community
  •  Bonus 2: Foods to Feed Your Man For Superman Sperm
  •  Bonus 3: Supercharge Your Sex Drive in 5 Easy Steps
  •  Bonus 4: Swap Your Beauty Products Guide
  •  Bonus 5: Fertility Friendly Meal Plan + Recipes
Each week is a building block that is carried forward into the next weeks of the program.
By week 12, your body will be at its optimal health for conception and a healthy pregnancy.
…it will get you to where you need to be.
"This journey is really isolating and it can really knock you’s hard to think about taking one more step but I would suggest [working with Sarah]. Don’t be afraid to see what’s there and see what the results are because it will help you and it will get you to where you need to be."

— Mariesha, to women experiencing fertility challenges
You changed my life…I am forever grateful.
“I cannot thank Sarah Jane enough for not only her life-changing nutritional advice, but her sincere understanding and support of our dream to have a child. With her guidance I was able to prepare my body for the upcoming journey of a lifetime … my daughter, Caroline, was born in January!

The changes that I made with the help of Sarah Jane are ones that I truly believe contributed to her arrival and are ones that I hope to use throughout my life. You changed my life … I am forever grateful. THANK YOU!!!!!”

— Melissa T.
You may be wondering…
I’ve been trying IVF with no luck…will The Fertility Code increase my chances?
For the majority of women who choose IVF, the per cycle success rate is 20-35%. That’s without The Fertility Code. IVF treatment takes a toll on your health and the more IVF cycles you go through, the less likely you are to become pregnant. I believe you need to take a highly proactive approach with your own fertility and conception journey. It’s not about overriding your doctor’s advice, it’s about complementing their guidance with your own set of fertility-friendly choices you can make at home every day. The Fertility Code can dramatically boost your chances of getting pregnant with IVF.
Do you guarantee I’ll get pregnant?
No, that’s an impossible guarantee to make. I can tell you about 90% of the women I work with do become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. I’ve even had success with women who were told by doctors they had less than a 1% chance of conceiving. What I can promise you, though, is that you’re going to finally be using the correct foods, supplements, exercise, and even sleeping habits to resolve the underlying blocks to your fertility.
I’m already in the process of IVF or IUI, will The Fertility Code still be helpful for me?
Yes, absolutely. The Fertility Code is for all women wanting to conceive, including women already working with assisted reproductive techniques like IVF, ICSI or IUI. By following The Fertility Code, you will boost the quality of your eggs, improve uterine health and function, optimize sperm health, and naturally balance hormones to improve retrieval and transfer success and conception rates.
Will this work for me - I’m 46?
Women best suited to benefit from The Fertility Code are those under the age of 45. Certainly the program will help optimize your health for conception, but usually women over 45 experience additional challenges that The Fertility Code does not address.
The nutrition work we did together was instrumental in helping me get pregnant after having fertility challenges.
“Sarah has been a huge help to me through the whole process of getting pregnant, being pregnant, nursing and taking care of a little one. I believe the nutrition work we did together was instrumental in helping me get pregnant after having fertility challenges. She helped me through my pregnancy and has been a great resource!"

— Lisa J.
Whether you want to get pregnant yesterday, in the next three months or a year from this moment, now is the time to prepare your body for pregnancy.
I’m happy to say that this is my 3rd time going through IVF with a donor egg and I’m finally pregnant!
“Setting up 3 calls with Sarah was one of the most helpful steps I took in overcoming infertility. Because I was using donor eggs, I was focused on doing everything I could to optimize overall uterine health to ensure the healthy embryos would stick. Dealing with endometriosis and a thin uterine lining was really challenging. And having to take all the required hormones for the IVF treatment was really hard on my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Talking to Sarah helped ground me. She not only helped me identify EXACTLY how I should be eating and living to support my natural fertility health, but she also helped me find the right supplements to support my body in the process. She’s a natural cheerleader, passionate about helping one overcome fertility issues and is extremely knowledgeable. My only mistake was taking a year to call her."

— Claudia R.
Fear, exhaustion, guilt and the feeling of being out of control can end right now.
You have the power to improve your fertility and become a mother.
For the last 12 years I’ve worked with thousands of women, teaching them how to optimize their hormones and how to alleviate the most common modern hormone imbalances (such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and amenorrhea).
They learn how to restore and revive their innate fertility power. They discover how to eat and live in a way that profoundly nourishes not only their baby, but also their own body during pregnancy and post birth. And ultimately they learn how to live in hormonal flow each and every day.
I would be honored to help YOU!
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